Our Story

Conform Designs is an ornamental concrete design studio that specialises in custom handmade concrete bench tops, furniture, architectural panels, vanities, fireplaces as well as high performance polished concrete floors. With emphasis on material amalgamation and innovative design, it establishes the platform for our truly unique pieces that beautify the home or business. We strive to develop tailor made works of art that are durable, functional and elegant that exceed the expectations of our clientele. Our signature concrete blend infuses colour variation with organic patterns that give our pieces character and valued individuality.

Albert was in the stone and concrete flooring industry for over eight years and after completing his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design, he made it his mission to mesh both his trade and education. Conform Designs was born with the vision to provide clients with one off, custom designed and handmade concrete pieces as well as beautiful bespoke polished concrete floors.

Albert’s keen eye for detail, design, innovation, creativity and passion, coupled with his talents of working with his hands as been the successful recipe in providing clients with timeless architectural decorative concrete. Albert and the team at Conform Designs endeavour to push the boundaries of concrete design and innovation to provide clients with special pieces and products they adore.

The Art

Decorative Concrete Pieces

We specialise in Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete, GFRC. It is a lightweight and durable product made from fine aggregates, cement, polymer, water and glass fibres. We are able to cast our pieces in endless shapes and sizes therefore the design capabilities are only limited by one’s imagination.
We work closely and directly with architects, designers and homeowners to collaborate on designs and ideas. Our commitment to meeting the vision and aspiration of our clientele enables us to develop truly bespoke and functional pieces of art for their space.
We offer the design, construction and installation of hand-crafted concrete bench tops, furniture, architectural panels, vanities and fireplaces. Our timeless pieces give a sense of mass while cultivating architectural delicateness.

High Performance Polished Concrete Floors

We also specialise in high performance polished concrete floors that are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. We utilise the best flooring machinery on the market Klindex of Italy, in conjunction with the most advanced densifiers / hardeners and sealers by Husqvarna to develop the ultimate natural mechanically polished concrete flooring systems known as Hiperfloor or Super Concrete.

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